WoodEx: Timber-Look Aluminium V-Join Cladding, Castellated Cladding & Battens

Manufactured from 100% Solid Aluminium with a Timber finish, WoodEx® ensures you can utilise the beauty of timber on any project and still remain compliant with BCA fire regulations.

A compliant, green and virtually zero maintenance, wood-like Aluminium ideal for all project requirements without the drawbacks of real Timber!

Virtually Zero Maintenance

Prefinished for extra protection- Qualicoat Certified

Non-combustible as per BCA AS1530.1 and AS1530.3

Versatile and adaptable

Sustainable and eco-safe

Ideal for both internal and external application

WoodEx® Shiplap Cladding systems were designed to replace timber cladding, with the benefits of reduced thermal movement and a simplified concealed fixing method for boards and proprietary trims.

Available in 2 profiles, V-Join Cladding and Castellated Cladding

WoodEx® Battens were designed to help create the much-loved timber batten look, but with the added benefits of concealed fixings and greater spans.

The WoodEx™ Battens comes in different sizes to suit all your project requirements.

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