Rigid Air Barrier: Siniat Weather Defence™

Weather Defence™ is a rigid air barrier board used behind facade cladding systems to create a pressure equalised cavity for rain screen and ventilated facade systems. It is the quickest way to achieve a weathertight building, and offers an array of design benefits.

Build safer, quicker and smarter with Weather Defence™!

DTS fire compliance - non-combustible requirements under the BCA.

Compatible with most cladding systems: Ventilated Rainscreen, brick, metal, insulated render.

Airtight (Complies with NCC 2022 air leakage requirements for class 2-9 buildings).

Faster and easier - compared to traditional rigid air barriers.

Increases building efficiency - leading lower life cycle costs and CO2 emissions.

Weather tight with no need for additional sarking thanks to a patented hydrophobic core and liner technology.

Warranted for weather exposure up to 12 months on frame before over cladding.