Equitone : Through-Coloured Facade Material

EQUITONE is a through-coloured fibre cement product consisting of Cement, Cellulose and Mineral Materials and is reinforced by a visible matrix. Every EQUITONE panel has unique characteristics in its texture, colour highlighting it’s raw, untreated texture and natural finish. The product can be cut to any sizes and shapes; not only that but the material can be routed, perforated or printed. With such an easy to use and flexible product, any design can be achieved, whether it be a rain screen or fully baffled system, its versatility is like no other fibre cement material previously available to the market.

Non-combustible DTS Product

Minimal Maintenance

Aesthetically Pre-finished Through-Coloured Fibre Cement

High Density Fibre Cement

Rainscreen System

Water resistant

Equitone [tectiva] is the original through coloured material with highly expressive fibre cement structure. Equitone [tectiva] has a rough, unpolished fibre cement surface with a delicate linen finish that produces a natural hue element. The Production process makes each panel unique in colour, texture and surface

Equitone [natura] is a natural through-coloured material with clearly visible yet subtle fibre cement matrix. Equitone [natura] has a soft touch with it’s matt, silk smooth surface finish. Every natura panel is unique, subtly displaying its raw finish, giving it a natural feature. Natura also comes with an optional ‘PRO’ coating for anti-graffiti protection.

Equitone [lines] is a 3D shaped, through-coloured fibre cement facade material that plays with lights and shadows. Equitone [lines] displays a linear embossing modelled on the size and shape of a human finger. Every panel is unique, displaying raw and untreated inner texture of the core fibre cement material.

Equitone [lunara] is a through coloured panel. The surface of the panel is characterised by a randomised textured finish that is unique to Equitone [lunara]. The two colour shades accentuate the authenticity of the material. The panel receives a hydrophobation that makes the panel water repellent.

Equitone [pictura] offers a selection of contemporary colour coatings. The smooth and ultra – matt finish is especially designed for high class architectural look. Equitone [pictura] is treated with Equitone ‘PU’ UV hardened coating for everlasting and anti-graffiti protection.

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