Millboard® : It's the World Most Advanced Composite Decking!

Millboard® enhances outdoor spaces with enduring distinction. Hand-molded from the finest oak, it realistically mimics the natural grain and color of premium hardwood.The resin core is reinforced with fibre for additional strength, stability and reassurance and features renewable
biopolymers. The Lastane surface is pliable and provides high slip-resistance compared to timber, even in wet conditions.

Low Maintenance - No staining or oiling.

High slip-resistance - Lower slip potential than timber due to the pliable Lastane layer

‘Lost head’ fixings - Durafix fixings are virtually hidden beneath the unique Lastane surface.

Integrated UV stabilisers - UV stabilised for better performance and fade resistance over time.

Easy to install - Can be cut and installed easily when following product guides

Natural wood look - Moulded from selected timber for an organic, realistic wood-grain appearance

Recycled materials - Recycled materials and renewable biopolymers are used within our boards.

Smooth, sleek texture Moulded from timbers that are selected from oak boards for a textured look and feel, the Enhanced Grain collection’s contemporary design accurately recreates the subtle nuances of natural wood. Each of the shades are slipresistant and showcase their organic patinas beautifully.


Time honoured style Beautifully aged in appearance, our Weathered Oak collection is moulded from over a century old oak boards and is hand-coloured with authentic tones. Providing a timeless look, Weathered Oak retains its natural beauty and offers a surface with minimal maintenance and very high slip-resistance even in wet conditions.

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