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CSP Architectural will be expanding into new building products which offer new façade solutions to our clients. As such there is a requirement for us to update our credit terms & conditions accordingly on our credit account application forms.
The new credit terms and conditions are applicable to all past and future account applications forms.

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    KEYSTONE Acoustics has been in the building industries for more than 40 years, specialising in acoustic panelling solutions commercial projects. The Australian owned and operated company keeps redefining its processes and machinery to create patterned, perforated and slotted innovations panels that deliver high acoustic performance and design versatility. Keystone acoustics offer a full engineered system to suit diverse applications from contemporary office fitouts to exemplary facades.

    You can rely on Keystone Acoustics to provide quality ceiling, lining and wall panels engineered for superior acoustic performance using expert slotting, patterning and perforating techniques. Plain panels are also available.  

    Keystone Acoustics

    Features and Benefits:

    Perforated panels and slotted panels offer a number of features and benefits:

    • Increased noise reduction
    • Aesthetic enhancement
    • Partitioning
    • Flexible range of patterns available
    • Easy installation
    • Concealed fixing system
    • Light cutouts
    • Access panels


    Keystone Acoustics can work with most materials with no minimum order quantity. These include, but are not limited to the following substrates:

    • Equitone cement sheet
    • Fire retardant E0 MDF Group 1 certified
    • MDF and veneered MDF
    • Plywood and veneered plywood
    • Plasterboard (including impact resistant)
    • Fibre cement and compressed fibre cement
    • Laminated and per-finished panels
    • Composite aluminium panels
    • Acrylic and fabric panels.


    Keystone Acoustics offer a range of different perforation and slot patterns to produce different acoustic results.

    There are five standard perforated layout options to choose from with the sixth option at your custom design.

    There are six standard slot layout options. Slot width and spacing can all be chosen by you from the tooling library. When specific performance is required we can assist with selecting the most appropriate pattern and open area.

    Custom Patterning:

    To meet the growing demand for unique-looking panels, Keystone Acoustics can provide:

    • A variety if hole shapes and thickness
    • Custom hole patterns
    • Custom panel shapes
    • Custom material specification
    • Aesthetic designs
    • Functional fabrics
    • Decorative material

    With a range of production-ready patterns available to suit a variety of materials and substrates, virtually any shape and type of panel can be created. The maximum panel size available is influenced by the material thickness and specification, along with the pattern required.

    Please contact us for further information. 

    Fixing Systems:

    Keystone Acoustics panel can be installed on walls and ceilings using a variety of quality fixing systems depending on the substrate selected. If desired, panels can be provided with KA100, a sound-absorbing fabric backing to improve acoustic performance.

    Smartfix Fixing System

    This concealed facade system has been specifically designed to suit Australian conditions. Engineered for maximum design flexibility and enduring performance, Smartfix is suitable for commercial and residential applications whether internal or external. The Smartfix system satisfies architectural and aesthetic demands by providing a facade free of exposed fixings and sealants.

    Rondo Systems

    These dry wall fixing systems for ceilings and walls can be used with most of Keystone Acoustic panels, except for Key-Endura and Key-Kompress.

    Split Batten Systems

    Keystone Acoustics split batten systems provide an excellent means of fixing both perforated and non-perforated panels. They lift the panel away from the wall and support the weight without any external holes.


    Monash University

    Monash University
    Monash University
    Monash University
    Monash University
    Monash University
    Monash University

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    PRODUCT: Keystone Acoustics

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